Source code for aliyun.log.putlogsrequest

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8

# Copyright (C) Alibaba Cloud Computing
# All rights reserved.

from .logrequest import LogRequest

[docs]class PutLogsRequest(LogRequest): """ The request used to send data to log. :type project: string :param project: project name :type logstore: string :param logstore: logstore name :type topic: string :param topic: topic name :type source: string :param source: source of the logs :type logitems: list<LogItem> :param logitems: log data :type hashKey: String :param hashKey: put data with set hash, the data will be send to shard whose range contains the hashKey :type compress: bool :param compress: if need to compress the logs :type logtags: list :param logtags: list of key:value tag pair , [(tag_key_1,tag_value_1) , (tag_key_2,tag_value_2)] """ def __init__(self, project=None, logstore=None, topic=None, source=None, logitems=None, hashKey=None, compress=True, logtags=None): LogRequest.__init__(self, project) self.logstore = logstore self.topic = topic self.source = source self.logitems = logitems self.hashkey = hashKey self.compress = compress self.logtags = logtags def get_compress(self): return self.compress def set_compress(self, compress): self.compress = compress def get_logstore(self): """ Get logstore name :return: string, logstore name """ return self.logstore if self.logstore else '' def set_logstore(self, logstore): """ Set logstore name :type logstore: string :param logstore: logstore name """ self.logstore = logstore def get_topic(self): """ Get topic name :return: string, topic name """ return self.topic if self.topic else '' def set_topic(self, topic): """ Set topic name :type topic: string :param topic: topic name """ self.topic = topic def get_source(self): """ Get log source :return: string, log source """ return self.source def set_source(self, source): """ Set log source :type source: string :param source: log source """ self.source = source def get_log_items(self): """ Get all the log data :return: LogItem list, log data """ return self.logitems def set_log_items(self, logitems): """ Set the log data :type logitems: LogItem list :param logitems: log data """ self.logitems = logitems def get_log_tags(self): """ Get all the log tags :return: Logtags list, log data """ return self.logtags def set_log_tags(self, logtags): """ Set the log tags :type logtags: logtags list :param logtags: log tags """ self.logtags = logtags def set_hash_key(self, hashKey): self.hashkey = hashKey def get_hash_key(self): return self.hashkey