Source code for aliyun.log.listtopicsresponse

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8

# Copyright (C) Alibaba Cloud Computing
# All rights reserved.

from .logresponse import LogResponse
from .util import Util

[docs]class ListTopicsResponse(LogResponse): """ The response of the ListTopic API from log. :type resp: dict :param resp: ListTopicsResponse HTTP response body :type header: dict :param header: ListTopicsResponse HTTP response header """ def __init__(self, resp, header): LogResponse.__init__(self, header, resp) self.count = Util.h_v_t(header, 'x-log-count') self.nextToken = Util.h_v_t(header, 'x-log-nexttoken') self.topics = resp
[docs] def get_count(self): """ Get the number of all the topics from the response :return: int, the number of all the topics from the response """ return self.count
[docs] def get_topics(self): """ Get all the topics from the response :return: list, topic list """ return self.topics
[docs] def get_next_token(self): """ Return the next token from the response. If there is no more topic to list, it will return None :return: string, next token used to list more topics """ return self.nextToken
def log_print(self): print('ListTopicsResponse:') print('headers:', self.get_all_headers()) print('count:', self.count) print('nextToken:', self.nextToken) print('topics:', self.topics)