Source code for aliyun.log.histogram

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8

# Copyright (C) Alibaba Cloud Computing
# All rights reserved.

[docs]class Histogram(object): """ The class used to present the result of log histogram status. For every log histogram, it contains : from/to time range, hit log count and query completed status. :type fromTime: int :param fromTime: the begin time :type toTime: int :param toTime: the end time :type count: int :param count: log count of histogram that query hits :type progress: string :param progress: histogram query status(Complete or InComplete) """ def __init__(self, fromTime, toTime, count, progress): self.fromTime = fromTime self.toTime = toTime self.count = count self.progress = progress
[docs] def get_from(self): """ Get begin time :return: int, begin time """ return self.fromTime
[docs] def get_to(self): """ Get end time :return: int, end time """ return self.toTime
[docs] def get_count(self): """ Get log count of histogram that query hits :return: int, log count of histogram that query hits """ return self.count
[docs] def is_completed(self): """ Check if the histogram is completed :return: bool, true if this histogram is completed """ return self.progress == 'Complete'
def log_print(self): print('Histogram:') print('from:', self.fromTime) print('to:', self.toTime) print('count:', self.count) print('progress:', self.progress)